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History of Biofeedback
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Stress. Overwork. Unhealthy lifestyle.

Who wouldn't recognize these concepts?

Chronic illnesses became a part of our lives.

Are there any solutions for it?

Modern medicine has been successfully measuring the body’s electric activity for a long while now; using ECG, EEG, EMG the heart, the cerebral cortex and the skeletal muscles are no more secrets for us. The biofeedback diagnostics are based on the same principles, but in this case not only the device is doing the work, but  we are.

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Biofeedback is a mind-body process that teaches people to recognize physical signs and symptoms of stress, anxiety etc via visual or auditory feedback.

During biofeedback training electrical sensors are placed on the skin to measure the stress signals; this can mean the change of heart rate, muscle tension, or of body temperature. The measurements provide feedback on how the body reacts to certain stimuli.

The training improves the body’s own self-healing processes and thus they are free from side effects. This complementary medicine is the result of biophysics and information technology, the magnetic and electric stimuli partly exercise their effects, even if we don’t believe in them.


The biofeedback devices provide a quick, drug-free solution to many problems, which are considered endemic nowadays.

They can be effective in the following cases:

  • Detection and reduction of stress.
  • Training of muscle weakness, strengthening and rehabilitation of the muscles after an injury
  • Pain relief

The stress, various muscle injuries and pains cause numerous other problems in different organs, however the device can provide an effective solution also in the cases of problems originating from stress or muscle injuries.


History of Biofeedback

Dr. Reinhard Voll

The biofeedback story started with the first ever noticed relationship between electric energy and biology that is between living organisms was recognized. In the 1940s Dr. Reinhard Voll confirmed the hypothesis that certain properties of the materials change when different intensity currents are led through them.

Early 1950's

The first who used a medical tool and a prototype of the modern biofeedback devices was McGuigan. During the procedure the monitoring person used an oscilloscope for the determination of the tension stretching his forearm muscles.


After this in 1958 Kamiya began to study the changes of the brain, achieved by human subjects with changing EEG alpha rhythm. He developed a test in which a bell was rang on a regular basis and the test subject was asked to indicate if he thinks EEG alpha waves were emitted before the bell was ringing.

Sargent, Green and Walters

In 1972 Sargent, Green and Walters used temperature-based biofeedback training to train migraine. This method has been upgraded and used widely nowadays. From the point of view of biofeedback another important recognition can be owed to Winifried Otto Schumann, who figured out that extremely low frequency vibrations can be measured everywhere on the Earth. This vibration is equal to the frequency of certain waves of the human brain, which occur on the border of dream and waking.

Schumann resonances

The so-called Schumann resonances form a magnetic field, and with their proper regulation it is possible to control our overall health. The technology’s essence is about reinforcing the harmonic waves, which carry the healthy information and eliminate the disharmonic ones (which would cause different physiological problems).

The biofeedback, as therapeutic technique

was used in numerous fields in the 1970s, too: for example in case of psychological disorders, digestive system problems, vasoconstriction diseases, headaches due to muscle tension.

Biofeedback nowdays

Nowadays the biofeedback therapist teaches us to slow down our pulse through breathing techniques, relaxation techniques and mental exercises. We can see the results of the acquired techniques with our own eyes on the screen – thus we will be much more motivated due to the success. If we become able to control our own body, we will be no more exposed to the mercy of the diseases. If we learn to recognize our stress factors and also how to combat them, we can control even the most burdensome situations.

Medical devices

The SCIO Biofeedback (Scientific Consciousness Interface Operation) system is a successful piece of the discoveries of natural sciences. Why?


The EDUCTOR system is the more developed version of the SCIO, but its operation and software are very similar.

Our latest development the Mandelay Q9  Biofeedback has all features that the SCIO device is not able to do yet. (Discover more!)

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