The Drive Behind new CLASP 64 software: Commitment to Excellence and Innovation

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Get Started with "9.9.22": Your Guide to Mastering CLASP64

Embarking on the journey with our latest “9.9.22” software is a breeze with our comprehensive User Guide and Frequently Asked Questions. Whether you’re new to CLASP64 or an experienced user, our guide is designed to help you navigate the new features and capabilities with ease.

Explore Our Helpful Resources:

  • User Guide: A detailed manual providing step-by-step instructions on every aspect of CLASP64. From basic setup to advanced features, the guide ensures you have all the information you need.
  • FAQ Section: Quick answers to your most pressing questions about “9.9.22”, from compatibility concerns to performance tips.

How to get started with the news software?

  • First you need to reset your password on the Client Portal If you are having troubles with this step check out our tutorial video or download the Guide: Password reset
  • Then you need to download and install your new software.For that you need to download the software from the downloader in the Client Portal. After downloading you have to install our new software. To install the new software your have to open it and follow the instructions.If you are having troubles with this step check out our tutorial video or download the Guide: Download and install
  • After that you have to activate your software. To activate you will need to fill in the details, select your device and accept the terms and conditions.If you are having troubles with this step check out our tutorial video or download the Guide: Software activation
  • How to download the Clasp Portal? Please go to the Client Portal and download the Portal. If you are having troubles with this step check out our tutorial video or download the Guide: Download the Portal
  • How to activate your Portal? For activation you will need to fill in the details, select your device and accept the terms and conditions. If you are having troubles with this step check out our tutorial video or download the Guide: Portal activation

Visual Learners Rejoice:

Tutorial Videos Available! We understand that sometimes seeing is believing—and doing. That’s why we’ve created a series of tutorial videos to visually walk you through the process of starting with CLASP64. These videos cover everything from initial installation to advanced functions, ensuring you can make the most of the software’s capabilities.

What’s Inside the Tutorial Videos?

  • Downloading the New Software: Start fresh by downloading the latest version smoothly and quickly.
  • Installation and Activation: Step-by-step instructions to get your software up and running with zero hassle.
  • Password Reset: A simple guide for when you need to refresh your login credentials.
  • CLASP Portal Download: Discover the hub of your CLASP64 experience and download it directly.
  • Portal Installation and Activation: Unlock all the features of your CLASP portal with our easy-to-follow activation guide.

And that’s just the beginning! Each video is crafted to guide you through the process with ease, ensuring you can navigate the new features of the Clasp with confidence.

Don’t Miss Out on the CLASP Portal Free Trial! We’re so excited about the enhancements we’ve made to the CLASP portal that we’re offering a 7-day free trial. This is your chance to experience the full suite of features and see how the portal can revolutionize your workflow. We believe in the value it brings to your experience with CLASP64, and we want you to experience it firsthand.

Important Updates and Guarantees

  • Eductor Version Update: We’re working on enhancing the Eductor version for compatibility with “9.9.22” and will release it soon,also we are working on the Portal version for Eductor as well, it will be available soon.
  • Warranty Clarification: Note that software installation is not included under warranty services.
  • Version Availability: Going forward, only the latest version will be available, without the option to revert to older versions.
  • Compatibility Assurance: We guarantee that “9.9.22” is compatible with current Microsoft and other essential updates.


Broader Support

  • Seriously Smart Technologies (SST): For those who prefer specialized technical support, SST is available. If you’re interested in utilizing their services, visiting their website would be the first step. This option is particularly suitable for those who require advanced technical assistance tailored to specific needs.
  • Local Representative Assistance: If the options listed above do not meet your needs, you can always turn to your local representative for support.

Need Assistance?

If you need help downloading or have any questions, feel free to book an appointment with our tech support at https://techsupportvibeyoup.youcanbook.me/. For more information about our support services, visit Technical Support Guide



Comprehensive FAQ on Clasp64 Software Update:

Introduction: The introduction of Clasp64 brings a wave of excitement and questions. We’ve compiled this FAQ to address the most common inquiries about the software update.

Download Location 

  • Q: Where can I download the new software?
  • A: The new software is available above, complete with a detailed user guide and instructional videos.

Device Compatibility 

  • Q: Is the new software exclusive to the Mandelay Q9?
  • A: No, the software is also compatible with SCIO devices.


Eductor Compatibility Update

Q: Is it possible to use the new software with my Eductor device?

A: At the moment, the new software is not compatible with Eductor devices. As a result, Eductors may be shown as ‘inactive’ in our system. However, this status is solely due to the current software incompatibility and does not impact the actual functionality of your Eductor device. We are actively working on a compatible solution for Eductor – stay tuned for updates! 

Language Support 

  • Q: What languages does the new software support?
  • A: The software supports 10 languages, including Hungarian, English, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Portuguese, Korean, Dutch, French, and German.

Download Assistance: Important Update

Q: I can’t locate the downloader on scio-eductor.com. What’s my next step?

A: As we’ve transitioned to Vibeyoup.com, please note that scio-eductor.com no longer hosts our latest software updates. For all current software downloads, kindly head over to our Client Portal at Vibeyoup.com, our main and most up-to-date platform.


INDIGO Compatibility 

  • Q: Can I download the new software on my INDIGO?
  • A: The new software is not compatible with the INDIGO device.

Holiday Technical Support 

  • Q: Will there be technical support available during the holidays?
  • A: Technical support will not be available from December 22nd until January 8th.

Database Transfer 

QCan I transfer my client database to the new software?

A: Unfortunately, existing databases from previous versions of the software are not transferable to the new Clasp64 software. This limitation is due to the implementation of new safety and security standards designed to protect sensitive data. The new software architecture and enhanced security protocols mean that it is incompatible with the format of older databases.

Qantum Clarity:

Q: Can you please send me an update about the Quantum Clarity?

A: We have received confirmation from the Quantum Clarity Team that they are currently developing a new version of the Quantum Clarity Programs, which will be compatible with our systems. This update is expected to be released soon, so stay tuned for more information. They will email each and everyone of you who has the Quantum Clarity with instructions, so please make sure your contact details are up to date with them. In case of any questions please contact: admin@quantumclarity.net

Conclusion: We hope this FAQ provides clarity on the Clasp64 software update. Stay tuned to our channels for more information and support as we transition to this exciting new platform.