where holistic healthcare starts: SCIO

Holistic healthcare is all about you:
Physical, mental, emotional, social, intellectual, and spiritual! Even if your body is made up of independent parts, one not properly working can affect your whole body system, overall health and life.

Are you ready to experience the new height of health that will lead you to a better life?
So, biofeedback is your choice!

How does the SCIO Biofeedback system help to get your balance back?

The SCIO Biofeedback system was created to deal with the innermost cause of our body’s improper functioning. This device operates as a “scanning device” that maps our inner electric, magnetic, and electromagnetic characteristics. So, it runs tests in our body according to the laws of electricity. From this it can be observed what are our body’s default responses and reactions to the different stimuli.

This delicate original technology trains the issue right in the cells, where it dissolves the blockades, which inhibit the body’s natural flow of energy.

What can SCIO do?

The SCIO device is like a classic in tuxedo. It is a tested and proven of all time device which is the “father” for the all modern devices, is also in the forefront of prevention; it helps to reduce the risk of development of various problems:

Important: the device does not substitute medical treatment (screening), it can be used as a complementary therapy, and medical knowledge is also required for its use.

What are the technology features in the SCIO device?


Programmable, Pre-programmable: Square, Spike


1 to 12 tristate

Regulated Output

Current 0 to 850A/Channels




0 to 25KHz High Quality, 0 to 100kHz Normal

Maximum Output Voltage

4V DC, 4V AC p-p

Wave Poarity



What awards did SCIO device receive?

SCIO is officially a medical certified device with:

Indicates that the medical device complies with applicable EU regulations


What does it mean for you?

You can use a device in a piece of mind on human beings, if you are a practitioner or planning to be one. This is also applicable for home users. Get the best from your biofeedback experience, knowing that it is totally safe and certified!

Read more about the importance of right certification here (internal link)

What does the package include?

The package includes the SCIO device, headbands, leg straps, USB cable, a bag with the device’s name and of 20x30x40 cm size, user’s guide, and a USB driver that contains the SCIO software

  • SCIO device
  • Headbands, leg straps
  • USB cable
  • A bag with the device’s name and of 20x30x40 cm size
  • User’s guide
  • USB driver that contains the SCIO software (at shipping time)
About VibeYoUp

As an international and well-known biofeedback company all over the world, we are proud of our wide and global community. We are constantly improving our devices and services and ready to meet you in 35 countries where we have representatives.

We do care about providing services on the highest possible level, and this is proven by certificates from independent parties:

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