where the good vibes start: MANDELAY Q9

Have you ever wondered why some people are shining like a star and vibing?

The answer is holistic health as it is all about you being balanced: physically, mentally, emotionally, socially, intellectually, and spiritually. Curious how to reach this level? So, we have a solution – our latest medical development Mandelay Q9 biofeedback device!

How does the Mandelay Q9 system help you to shine like a star?

Various stressors in our body in the form of viruses, bacteria, fungi, parasites, and toxins are resonating on a unique, special frequency. To be able to assess these frequencies we must determine many factors, which affect our health. Mandelay Q9 can vibe you up, restore your body harmony and make you feel finally balanced.

What can MANDELAY Q9 do?

Madelay Q9 is a rockstar in the modern world with the features that the SCIO device is not able to do yet! It gives a way more detailed picture that covers all levels of your health, plus, it also gives effective treatment to compensate for the energetic imbalances and you can serve the customers with much greater efficiency.

Years of research and development led us to creating the biofeedback device that rocks on the market nowadays. We’re taking the responsibility seriously to vibe you up, so we have increased the output frequency of the device to make it more effective. We have also included a dedicated EEG circuit and dedicated ECG chip.

We have also developed the connection and the quality of the harnesses, they are medical, tested and safe.

Mandelay Q9 helps to reduce the risk of development of various problems:

Important: the device does not substitute medical treatment (screening), it can be used as complementary training, and medical knowledge is also required to its use. The Mandelay Q9 device can be used for biofeedback only.

What are the technology features in the Mandelay Q9 device?


Programmable. Pre-programmed: Square, Spike, SIne (Dual Channel) Saw, etc


1 to 12 tristate


3 mV

Regulated Output

Current 0 to 4mA/Channel


0 to 75kHz High Quality

Maximum Output Voltage

0 to 100kHz Normal

Wave Polarity

4V DC, 4V AC p-p


What awards did MandElAy Q9 device receive?

Mandelay Q9 is officially a medical certified device with:

Indicates that the medical device complies with applicable EU regulations


What does it mean for you?

You can use a device in a piece of mind on human beings, if you are a practitioner or planning to be one. This is also applicable for home users. Get the best from your biofeedback experience, knowing that it is totally safe and certified!

Read more about the importance of right certification here (internal link)

Why should you choose it choose it

Every biofeedback device is working in the same way, the question is how easy to work with it, how fast you want to see the results and how soon you want to feel changes in your body.

With other words, let’s compare a Suzuki and a Ferrari. With both cars you will reach your destination, but how fast and comfortable? 

Mandelay Q9 combines all the best features of the previous biofeedback devices. This is a new greatest generation of the SCIO biofeedback.

  • More efficient in use
  • Medical plugs
  • New medical cables
  • Dedicated ECG chip
  • Dedicated EEG circuit
  • Scientific design
  • Built in test plate
  • New matrix chip
  • Calibrated frequency

What does the package include?

  • Mandelay Q9 device
  • 1 head harness (it comes with pouches to carry them)
  • 1 limb harness (it comes with pouches to carry them)
  • 1 usb cable
  • 1 pendrive with the latest available operating software
  • 1 laptop bag
  • Wrapped in an exclusive box
  • 3 years of warranty
About VibeYoUp

As an international and well-known biofeedback company all over the world, we are proud of our wide and global community. We are constantly improving our devices and services and ready to meet you in 35 countries where we have representatives.

We do care about providing services on the highest possible level, and this is proven by certificates from independent parties:

Ensuring that customers get consistent, good-quality products and services

Demonstration of the ability to provide medical devices and related services that consistently meet customer and applicable regulatory requirements