The Result of Innovation: EDUCTOR

The EDUCTOR system is the second generation of the SCIO;
it is able to detect and resolve in a unique way the stress factors and blockages of the body. It has two wave generators, dedicated EEG and ECG chips, LCD screen, USB3 communication and new medical connectors, to serve the customers with much greater efficiency.

The EDUCTOR device measures the frequencies of more than 11 thousand different substances and from the information gained you can assess your bodies’ needs, the dysfunctions and weaknesses. With the EDUCTOR you can get a detailed picture that covers all levels of your health, moreover, it also gives effective treatment to compensate for the energetic imbalances. With this method, you also get an accurate and precise picture about your overall health.

How does the EDUCTOR work?

As a biofeedback system, the EDUCTOR system is also able to detect the healthy frequency of our cells and organs. When the correct frequency is sent to a „mistuned” cell through a certain period, the cell will finally take the frequency over, that is it regenerates and recovers. Similarly, the human body’s tissues can also be supported and strengthened to maintain good health. According to how the cells react to different electric frequencies the physiological changes can also be recognized in time.

The EDUCTOR can be effectively used in the following cases:

The stress, various muscle injuries, and pains cause numerous other problems in different organs, however the device can provide an effective solution for problems originating from stress or muscle injuries.

Important: the device does not substitute medical treatment (screening), it can be used as a complementary therapy, and medical knowledge is also required for its use.

The EDUCTOR package includes

Besides the EDUCTOR device, the package also includes the head, hand and leg electrodes also developed and tested by the manufacturer, and thus it can be used 100% safely with the EDUCTOR device.

  • EDUCTOR Package
  • Head harness
  • Limb harness
  • USB cable
  • USB FLASH drive with the latest software (at shipping time)
  • Carrying bag

Currently EDUCTOR device is out of stock. Please, check our website to see available devices. 




The SCIO Biofeedback (Scientific Consciousness Interface Operation) system is a successful piece of the discoveries of natural sciences.


Mandelay Q9

Our latest development the Mandelay Q9 Biofeedback (Quantum Universal Energetic Systems’ Technology) has all features that the SCIO device is not able to do yet.