About Us

vibeyoup is not only the name of the brand, but our motto that we spread with our strong and energetic community!

Originally we’re from Budapest, but our DNA is international, that is why we have people who trust us all over the world.

We’re leaders in the biofeedback industry and our SCIO and Mandelay Q9 biofeedback systems are known worldwide.

Every day we’re working to be better: constant market research, customer support improvements, developing our devices, finding new solutions.


This mindset makes us an outstanding company on the market with twenty years of professional experience. And as a leader, we set trends in the biofeedback field. And that is why our community trusts our professional team.


We offer our services to our customers, and help their work, with a background of reliable medical competence, with our complex diagnostic and therapeutic systems and verified products. We believe that when choosing us you will not only buy a complex system but also gain a chance to a better quality of life.

"Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success."