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Participate in Our Conference Giveaway:

Complete Post-Market Surveillance and Enter for a Chance to Win Two Online Tickets

We are excited to announce that we are giving away two online tickets each to two lucky winners for our conference giveaway. To participate, simply complete the required post-market surveillance and attach any necessary documents, and then send them back to us via email for a chance to win.

Post-Market Surveillance: Why It Matters

When you think of medical devices and pharmaceuticals, you might assume that the rigorous testing and regulatory approval process ensures that they are completely safe and effective. However, even after a product is on the market, there is still a need for ongoing surveillance and monitoring to ensure its continued safety and effectiveness. This is known as post-market surveillance.

What is Post-Market Surveillance?

Post-market surveillance refers to the ongoing monitoring of medical devices and pharmaceutical products after they have been approved and are available for public use. This surveillance involves the collection, analysis, and interpretation of data on adverse events, such as side effects or device malfunctions, that occur once the product is on the market.

To participate in our conference giveaway and have a chance to win two online tickets, please follow these simple steps:

  1. Complete the required post-market surveillance for our products. Please make sure you sign at the end, and attach the necesarry documents so the completion is valid.
  2. Attach any necessary documents to the surveillance. (If you are a doctor, naturopath or other)
  3. You will be entered into the contest for a chance to win one of two sets of two online tickets.
Deadline: May 31.

Thank you for participating!

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