Harmonize, balance, feel good – 

Orgon Technology

When and where do you feel yourself the most relaxed?

Some will mention vacations laying on a sunny beach and enjoying sunset, others would talk about hiking in the mountains or just sailing on the boat. For different people the word relaxation has different meanings. And now imagine that there is one technology that can help you to get harmonized in your everydays. 

As everything in our body is connected and our body is connected to everything in this world, being in balance and having inner energy will make you feel good mentally and physically. This feeling shouldn’t be periodical and even if it is fragile, you need to know how to “charge your inner battery”.


What can help you to reach all mentioned above?

Orgon Technology!

Orgon is an environment-powered unit that extracts energy for its operation from the surrounding space. Therefore it is very cost efficient. Its active parts are charged mountain crystals, and the chassis is made of a special aluminum alloy. The device does not contain any moving parts of electronics; therefore the chance of a malfunction is very minimal.

Important: Usage of Orgon does not replace medical treatments and does not entitle the user to stop taking prescribed medications or to alter the medical therapy. Please consider carefully! Continue medical visits as told!

In what areas Orgon can help you?

  1. Supplementary therapy for tumor treatments.
  2. Rehabilitation after cardiac arrests and other cardio-vascular problems.
  3. Rehabilitation after brain damage. Children born with low oxygen shock.
  4. Improving general conditions of patients after surgeries. Enhancing the healing processes of wounds and preventing side-effects.
  5. Treating inhaling problems, allergies.
  6. Treating infertility, endangered childbirth, gynecological problems.
  7. Athlete’s foot, vein related problems.
  8. Refreshing the body in exhausted or immuno-deficiency states.
  9. Enhancing the digestive systems.
  10. Decreasing the effects of climax.
  11. Joint related complaints.
  12. Epilepsy, phobias, headache.
  13. SM, Parkinson’s disease.
  14. Prostate related illnesses, urination problems. 
  15. Hair related problems.
  16. Against osteoporosis.
  17. Supplementary treatment for diabetes.
  18. Supplementary treatment for hypotension.

In its standard setup the device is not suitable for treating mental illnesses!

For use in energy deficiency states caused by earth radiation, for the replacement of energy, and for the provision of the defense against harmful earth radiation.

How long should you have an Orgon session?

  • For general treatment, use the device for 30-60 minutes.
  • For traumatic treatment or severe pains, apply it for 15-30 minutes directly to the target area.

How to get the most out of Orgon technology?

To get the most out of your sessions, you can connect Orgon to the SCIO and Mandelay Q9 biofeedback devices. With this combination you’ll maximize the energetic healing power inside of you.

Orgon Products


Strengthening and activating the human energy field is possible with a crystal-based power generator. Every orgon is effective, has benchmark and accurate vibration. You can program it to solve the given body problem and provide the correct information to ensure the healing vibrations of the body is working. 

Also, you can connect it to your biofeedback device (SCIO or Mandelay Q9) and make your biofeedback session more effective. And biofeedback practitioners can offer orgon to their clients to make them experience energetic healing to the fullest. 


Orgon massage kit is a more complex product because of the design and you can use it in different ways. Besides having it near you, every massage kit owner can effectively stimulate body parts, joints, muscles, and do beauty training by contacting the device to the skin. 


It can also be used in conjunction with water and oil-based creams. During use, it activates the cells and tissues to regenerate and it promotes the blood flow. You can also connect an Orgon massage kit to the biofeedback device. 


The smallest in the orgon family, orgon pocket package has the same power as other devices. You can use it “on the go” as it will always fit your pocket. This orgon has the same characteristics as all orgon products, except connecting to the biofeedback device.

Ensure a good mood and relaxation even when you have a lack of time!