Simply Suits You:

Feel that you and your clients have special needs that should be covered? We have prepared something exceptional that’s compatible with most software on the market and easy to use even for beginner practitioners.

Clasp portal basic trainning

Are you just starting your journey as a biofeedback practitioner? Struggling using complex software? Or you don’t want to waste your time on setting all parameters manually always?

We have a solution for you – our CLASP PORTAL BASIC TRAINING.

Here you can find ready to use programs for your sessions that makes your everydays easier but with the same quality as a manual set program.

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clasp portal with e-aid module

Do your clients fight with the addictions? Do they need help for pacification of their demons?

Then CLASP PORTAL WITH E-AID MODULE will be the best choice.

Prepared for the wide range of addiction types (smoking, playing, shopping, alcohol, drugs, cell phones etc) with ready to use programmes you can choose from.

Persistent stress is the main cause of having addictions as you start looking for activities that hopefully reduce stress level and make you feel good. These activities can transform into addictions and ruin your life.

So if you think to start a quality battle for your clients’ better future, you should try CLASP PORTAL WITH E-AID MODULE. Specially customized settings for addiction problems will save your time and lead you to effective results.

clasp portal with tap (the affirmation portal) module

Have you ever heard of the power of prayer, positive mindset and thinking? These affirmations can control your mind in this way and make you focus on something that is really important.

Affirmations range from repetition of simple positive sentences to chanting. And with this our CLASP PORTAL WITH TAP MODULE will help. You can use different settings in the module and create these affirmations, set time, make them continuous etc. Continuous affirmations will make your subconscious absorb this information. Good vibes in your clients’ life will start with a positively changed mindset.


You can find the whole package with a special price or different variations.

. to find the most suitable option for you!