As an international and well-known biofeedback company all over the world, we are proud of our wide and global community. 

We have our representatives in 35 countries and we are constantly expending our team.

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They know that we only build close and reliable partnerships where everyone is benefiting!


Win-win cooperation strategy: we can guarantee, the more energy and effort you put in this business, the more you earn and we’ll show you the way how


Trainings (from biofeedback training to your business development coaching): as a part of our team you’ll have access to our close and private trainings made for our representatives only


Ongoing support: we provide you with an ongoing support starting with the marketing materials and all important information, we’ll go together through the all stages

Join our team, let’s grow together and share same values all over the world!

  • Constant developing of your skills and growing your business
  • Quality of the trainings, services, partnership and products
  • Transparency for cooperation, business and medical devices





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