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Császi András


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I’ve been using SCIO then Eductor and now Mandelay Q9 since 2005 and after more than 20,000 clients I decided to get into education and share my expertise. This number is increasing every day as I am actively working with the software. I first came across SCIO between 2004 and 2005, then Eductor and Mandelay Q9. In those years I was mainly studying classical healthcare, so it was hard to accept how this little box connected to a laptop could change people’s lives. Interested to see if it really worked, I embarked on the journey with the appropriate reservations from my studies. What’s the result? Well, I’m still here today writing these words. In 2005, I was preparing for a Thai boxing competition and I was convinced that if the device did no harm and possibly worked, it could help me prepare. Using the sports program had an effect like taking steroids. After that my life changed suddenly and a new future opened up for me. In 2008 I attended the first international conference, which was a defining moment in my life with SCIO, Eductor, Mandelay Q9, because I made the decision to teach. In 2009 I participated as a speaker in a conference in Budapest. Where John Kelsey gave me my diploma in teaching. Then there was a long period where the focus was mainly on practice building. In 2015, I came into closer contact with Mandelay Ltd Budapest Home Office (BHO) at a world conference in Budapest and was involved in significant development projects. In 2016 and 2017, I was a speaker at the world conference and participated as a travelling ambassador and speaker in several small seminars around the world. Through these presentations and seminars I decided to write my book for SCIO, Eductor, Mandelay Q9 users.