Clay and Gail Wylie


3 Holly Place, St. Albert, AB, T8N 6W7, Canada


1 780 651 0946 (home, preferred)

1 780 914 1663 (cell, not used much)

9 AM – 6 PM, Mountain Standard Time
Gail and Clay Wylie work as a team as brokers for Mandelay. We have been working with the SCIO since 2005. Gail began training beginners in 2007. Gail (Gillingham) is a family therapist who specialized in autism for over 30 years. Clay started out in construction but believed in the power of working with frequencies from the time he was a teenager and was delighted to find a way to do so. Together we created a manual on Following the Lead of the Scio, which is available for sale on our Quantum Biofeedback website.