Don't miss out on this amazing opportunity to get your tickets to the Mini Seminars

where our therapists' topics are about

How they do their first session?

One of our most frequently asked questions, our therapists get from time to time is

How they do their first session?

Mini Series of Online presentations!

We offer something that hasn't been done before!

This is a unique and rare occasion so make the most of this chance and attend each practitioner's online seminar!

Each seminar will be unique, informative and insightful, since everyone has their distinctive techniques! The therapists are about to display how they do their first session, showing their preferred methods, steps, tips and tricks.

Ticket information:

You will be able to purchase the tickets separately to each online presentation or buy the full 12 week package.
The seminars are 1,5 hour long with Q&A at the end,
There will be a recording available after the seminars end.


Full Package

12 week presentation



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One Presentation

12 week presentation



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Speakers and dates

1. 3rd of June

- Fredy Vinagre -

2. 10th of June

- Fernando Crespo-O'Neill -

3. 17th of June

- Filipa Pinto Cardoso -

4. 24th of June

- Gail Wylie -

5. 1st of July

- Igor Petr -

6. 8th of July

- Bala Lodhia -

7. 15th of July

- Dr. Yioula Patera -

8. 22nd of July

- Geert Weijtens -

9. 29th of July

- Benita Serfontein -

10. 5th of August

- Dr. Jirawat Janchanakit -

11. 12th of August

- Andrew Császi -

12. 26th of August

- Teresa Cumbers -

Ticket information:

Please check the date of the event before purchasing tickets. Some events listed may have already occurred. Ensure you are selecting tickets for future dates. For past events, recordings are available for purchase.
If you purchase the Full Package you will get recordings for the seminars that have already passed and you can attend the still remaining seminars.

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